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Most of these items are currently on display and for information only and are not at this time offered for sale. However, a few items are available for purchase now and are noted with red borders surrounding the on to link to webpage for more information and price. Items that have been sold are indicated by yellow borders.


    Stanley 6/12 Extension Rule        
Stanley No.9-1/2 Block Plane, c.1894, Type 4 Model Square Bevel Level Protractor Combination, c.1917 Kenny's Patent Gauge, c.1870        
Stanley No.44 Bit & Square Level. c.1884 Disston No.9-12" Backsaw c.1900 X220pl_ChristmasBox_Seldom.jpg        
Stanley No.312-6" Aluminum/Steel Try Sauare. c1930 Chapin-Stephens Inclinometer 1' Boxwood Rule & Level. c.1885                                               Stanley Victor No.1120 Block. c.1940.        
Stanley Everlasting No.55 -1/4" Butt Chisel. c.1920 Stanley No.72 Chamfer Plane. c.1885, Type 1

Warnock 2" Chisel. c.1890

Standard Rule & Level  No.5 Plane. c.1890

Stanley Excelsior No.15 Block Plane. c.1875, Type 2

Stanley No.921-12" Brace. c.1905  

Buck 2" Bevel Edge Socket Chisel. c.1920

Stanley Bailey No.54 Spokeshave. c.1870

Tyzavk 12" Ebony & Brass Try Square. c.1900

Craftsman Tape. C.1936 Bishop Stair Saw. c.1920 Stearns Clapboard Gauge. c.1900.
Stanley Bailey No.5-1/2 Jack Plane. c.1893. Type 7 (1) Fray Spofford No.7-6" Brace. c.1880 Stanley No.42 Brass Pocket Level. c.1880
Swan 8" Folding Drawknife. c.1910 Millers Falls No.281 Drill. c.1930 Folding Handles 8" Drawknife. c.1890
Sargent No.307 Block Plane. c.1890, Type 1 V & B No.904 Smooth Plane. c.1920 Goodell-Pratt No.6006-6" Ratchet Brace
Swan 1-3/4" Tang Bevel Edge Firmer Chisel. c.1898 Stanley No.903-10" Brace. c1925 Sargent No.161 Plane. c.1920
Barton -1-1/2" Cranked Shallow Gouge. c.1900 Stanley Four Square 3-3/4" Camp Axe. c.1925 Starrett 2-1/2" Quick Release Dividers. c.1920
Snell & Atherton No.6 Heel Shave. c.1920 Stanley Spofford-10" Brace Cage Head 10" Brace. c.1800
Bishop No.8 - 28"/5 Pt.Rip Saw. c.1920 Barton 2" Bevel Edge Crank Chisel. c.1900 Sargent No.42 Cabinet Scraper c.1920
J.F. Butler 7-1/2" Drawknife, Blacksmith made Seymour Smith No.2310-10" Ratchet Brace. C.1950 D.R. Barton 3-1/2" Clapboard Slick. c.185
Stanley No.442 Saw Set. c.1920 Millers Falls No.4 Drill. c.1885. Type 1 Stanley No.14 - 4" Adjustable Square c1884. Type 1
Stanley No.60 & 65 Low Angle Block Planes. c.1898. Type 1 Gurley Folding Brass Post Level. c.1885 Stanley No.27 Wood Bottom Jack Plane. c.1884. Type 4.
White 12" Mast Shave. c.1900 Barton 1-1/2" Long Framing Chisel. c.1900 Stanley No.101 Block Plane. c.1877. Type 1
Stanley No.888 Tool Box Sargent No.410 Plane. c.1902. Type 2 Stanley Chisels
Stanley No.140 Rabbet Block Plane. c.1894. Type 1 Stanley No.10 - 3" Try Square, c.1888 Stanley Laminated Rosewood  Handle & Knob
Bullock No.4 Drawknife Chamerer Gauge L.Bailey Boston No.57 Cooper Spokeshave Stanley Traut's Pat. No.46 Fillester Plane. c.1875. Type 2
Hold-Fast Adjustable Bevel Squares. c.1920 Stanley Ready Edge Iron/Cap Iron. c.1925 Stanley No.78-1/2 - 2', 4 Fold Brass Bound Rule. c1900
Stanley Nicholson No.15-20" Iron Level. c.1870 Stanley No.49 T&G Plane. c.1876. Type 1 Sargent No.2204 Steel Block Plane. c.1920
Barton - 1-3/4" Long Bevel Edge Framing Chisel Stanley No.312-6" Aluminum Try Square Stanley No.13 Circular Plane. c.1876. Type 2
Stanley No.10 Bench Rabbit Plane. c.1868. Type 1 Lufkin 20' Diameter Tape. c.1920 Disston Great American Special 26"/8Pt. Saw. c.1940
Disston No.7 - 8" Iron Try Square & Bevel.  c.1900 Stanley No.1 Turkish Boxwood Tool Handle. c.1900 Disston No.9 - 12" Back Saw. c.1900
L.Bailey No.13 - 28" Wood Bottom Jointer Plane. c.1868 One Of A Kind 2-5/8" Slick Stanley No.95 Butt Gauge. c.1900. Type 1
Stanley Bed Rock No.602 Smooth Plane, c.1900, Type 3 Wilkinson 6" Folding Drawknife. c.1900 Goodell-Pratt No.85 Ratchet Tool Handle. c.1920
Barton 1" Shipwrights Socket Paring Gouge. c.1900 Disston No.42-26"/9 Pt. Combination Saw. c.1900 Stearns Multiple Bushings Hollow Auger. c.1900
Stanley Hurwood No.D - 5" Ice Pic. c.1925 Stanley No.103 Block Plane. Type 1, c.1876 Bailey Boston No.23 Smooth Plane No.23 ,Type3.c.1870
Star Tool Co. 10" Brass Bound Rosewood Try Square. c.1890 White 4" Slick. c.1900 Stanley Bed Rock No.604-1/2C Smooth Plane. Type 2c.1888-
Stanley No.1 Reel Plumb Bob. c.1900 Stanley/Union No.48 Hybrid Plane. c1920 Diamond Edge Sign. c.1920
Stanley No.929-6" Ratchet Brace. c.1930 Buck Bros. 2-1/2" Slick. c.1920 Stanley No.2-3 Angle Tool. c.1925
Stanley Aluminum No.A4 Smooth Plane. c.1925 Cantelo 8" Folding Drawknife. c.1900 Disston No.0105-26" Multi-Duplex Cherry Level.  c.1920
Stanley Bailey No.2, Type 2 Smooth Plane. c.1870 Witherby 2" Long Bevel Edge Socket Framing Chisel. c.1910 Stanley No.16-12" Mitre Square. Type 1b. c.1880.
Stanley No.20-15" Try Square. c.1900 Tillotson 20"/4-1/2 Pt. Panel Saw. c.1890 Swan Folding Handle Drawknife. c.1885
Goodell-Pratt/Stratton 24" Brass Bound Rosewood Level. c.1910 Boston Bailey No.5 Jack Plane. Type 1. c.1867 Stanley No.R-100TB 16"-24" Take Down Square. c.1915
Stanley Bed Rock No.603 (3) Smooth Plane. c.1898. Type 1 Millers Falls No.140 Ratchet Corner Brace. c.1910 Campbell 3-1/4: Beavertail Slick. c.1890
Davis 10" Ratchet Brace. c.1885 Stanley No.37 Jenny Wood Bottom Smooth Plane. c.1892. Type 9A Atkins No.27 -10".10 Pt. Stairmaker's Saw. c.1920
Sargent Auto-Set No.710-C Plane. c.1912. Type 1 Stanley No.921-6" Brace. c.1905 Stanley No.59 Spokeshave. c.1870
Stanley Bed Rock Planes pamphlet. c.1923 Stanley No.36 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane. Type 5, c.1872 Stanley No.780-20"/10 Pt. Panel Saw. c.1925
Stanley No.18 Knuckle Joint Block Plane, Type 1. c.1888 Stanley 6-1/2" Advertising Rule. c.1930 Atkins No.53 - 20"/10 Pt. Saw. c.1930
Millers Falls No.5-1/2 Langdon Mitre Box. c.1935 White 1/2" Long Socket Gouge. c.1900 Goodell-Pratt No.1 Bench Hack Saw. c.1900
4" Drawknife. c.1900 Rome/Lufkin 8" Measuring Tape. c.1920 Goodell-Pratt No.215 Corner Brace. c.1905
Stanley No.X63 Spokeshave. c.1930 Davis No.11 - 4" Rule & Square Level. c.1880 O.V.B. Carpenter's Apron. c.1920
Disston Countryside No.C1 - 16"/10 Pt. Panel Saw. c.1940 Millers Falls No.182 - 10" Brace Drill. c.1920 Stanley Bed Rock No.605-1/4 Jack Plane. c.1925
Winchester No.W3 (603) Smooth Plane. c.1920 Stanley Everlasting No.40-1/8" Chisel. c.1935 Perfect Handle Drawknife. c.1920
Goodell_Pratt No.485 High Speed Bench Grinder. c.1926 Swan 1-3/4" Bevel Back Socket Framing Chisel. c.1920 Keen Kutter 8-1/4" Drawknife. c.1920
Disston Challenger No.K-6-1/2 - 26"/5-1/2 Pt. Rip Saw. c.1935 Winchester No.7160 Gunsmith's Screwdriver H.Disston No.7 - 16"/10 Pt. Saw
White 2-3/4" Bevel Edge Slick. c.1910 Stanley Excelsior No.15-1/2, Type 4 Handled Block Plane. c.1880 Stanley  Gage No.G22 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane. c.1920
Goodell-Pratt Pocket Screwdriver. c.1920 Swan 7" Folding Handle Drawknife. c.1890 Stanley No.16-30" Adjustable Cherry Level. c.1892
L.Bailey Victor No.3 Smooth Plane. c.1875 Goodell-Pratt No.385 High Speed Hand Drill. c.1926 Stanley Hardware Store Window Display. c.1925
Millers Falls No.109 Carving Tool Set. c.1940 Campbell 6-1/2" Lipped Ship Adze. c.1920 White 10-1/2"Broad Axe. c.1920
Stanley No.23 Wood Bottom Smooth Plane. c.1867. Type 1 Stanley No.45 Combination Plane w/hollows & rounds. c.1884. Type 1 A.A. Wood No.2 Combination Spokeshave. c.1876
Stanley Bailey No.21 Smooth Plane. c.1869. Type 2 Stratton 24" Iron Level. c.1900 Stanley No.2 - 4-1/2" Try & Mitre Square. c.1872. Type
Fray/Stanley No.81-8" Ratchet Brace. c.1909 Stanley No.9-1/2 Block Plane. c.1875. Type 3 Millers Falls No.2 Carving Tool Set of 6. c.1890
Stanley No.15-7-1/2" Brass Handle Try & Mitre Square. c.1874. Type 1 Millers Falls Automatic Push Drill. c.1900 Stanley No.50-28" Mahogany Duplex Level. c.1920
Stanley No.81 Rosewood Razor Edge Spokeshave. c.1915 Eagle 12" Adjustable Bevel. c.1892 Woodworker's Companion. c.1886.
Disston American Boy 20"/9 Pt. Panel Saw. c.1930 Stanley No.113 Circular Plane. c.1877. Type 1 StanleyNo.50 Combinations Plane. c.1884. Type 1
Fray Spofford No.107-7" Brace. c.1900 Stanley No.71 Closed Throat Router Plane. c.1884. Type 1 Sargent No.418 Fore Plane. c.1885. Type 1
Stanley No.3 & 22 Planes. c.1868. Type 1 Stanley No.42-1/2 Ships Bevel. c.1910 Stanley/Keen Kutter Bed Rock No.603/K3 Smooth Plane. c.1920
Stanley No.20-18" Rosewood Try Square. c.1915 Goodell-Pratt 10" Rosewood & Brass Adjustable Bevel Square. c.1925 H. Chapin No.260 Box Wood Plow Plane. c.1890
Starrett 4" Combination Square. c.1930 Stanley No.98-18" Brass Bound Rosewood Level. c.1915 Stanley No.14-6" Adjustable Try Square.  c.1930
Stanley No.18 Knuckle Joint Block Plane. c.1950. Type 17 Stanley No.1-4" Try Square. c.1884. Type 1 Stanley No.18-12" Adjustable Iron Bevel. c.1940
Flather Travisher. c.1890 Stanley No.34V-4" Machinists Level. c.1910. Type 3 Disston No.112-30"/5-1/2 Pt. Rip Saw. c.1910
Stanley-Fray No.81-8" Ratchet Brace. c.1910 Drews Combination Tool. c.1930 Stanley Winterbottoms's No.2-4-1/2" Try & Mitre Square. c.1870
White 1-1/2" Long Bevel Edge Socket Chisel.  c.1900 Stanley No.42 Brass Pocket Level. c.1900 Osborne Rosewood Razor Edge Spokeshave. c.1900
Stanley No.43 - 9" Machinist's Plumb & Level. c.1875 Stanley No.130 Double-End Block Plane. c.1884. Type1 Stanley No.92 Plane. c.1902. Type 1
Stanley No.239-1/8" Dado Plane. c.1915, Type 1 Stanley No.71 Brass Rabbet Spokeshave.  c.1915 Stanley Bailey No.3, Type 3 Smooth Plane. c.1872
Bishop 18"/10 Pt. Floor Saw. c.1910 Stanley No.113 Circular Plane, Floral Type.  c.1935 Sargent VBM No.100 Lock Srewdriver. c.1900
Buck 5" Drawknife. c.1920 Stanley No.99 Rule Trammels. c.1920 Disston No.9-12" Back Saw. c.1915
Stanley No.197 Hardboard Fluting Tool. c.1935 Vaughn & Bushnell No.908 Jointer Plane. c.1920 Goodell-Pratt 24" Aluminum Level.  c.1920
Stanley Bed Rock No.607-C Jointer Plane, Type 4 + original box. c.1908 Disston No.68-8" Brass-back Dovetail Saw. c.1920 Heart Bronze Trammels.  c.1900?
Stanley No.24-4"Combination Try Square & Bevel. c.1865 Stanley Bed Rock No.605-1/2 Jack Plane, Type 5 Anomaly Steel No.10 Bench Rabbet Plane.  c.1915
Stanley No.5 & 7 Pitch Adjusters. c.1910 No.63 Low Angle Block Plane. c.1920 Sargent No.1507-1/2 Shoulder Plane. c.1920
Disston Pattern Makers' Saw. c.1915 Goodell_Pratt No.711 Tool Set. c.1915 Millers Fall No.20 Right Angle Triangle Level.  c.1915
Stanley No.45 Plane in Poplar, walnut-stained box.  c.1935 Disston 6" Tenon Saw. c.1900 Chaplin No.3 Smooth Plane.  c.1875.  Type 1
White 2-1/2" Bevel Edge Slick. c.1900 Stanley No.11 Belt Maker's Plane.  c.1869.  Type 1 Stanley No.297 Gauge.  c.1915

White - 2" Long Bevel Edge Socket Chisel.  c.1900 Hunter's Patent Bench Rabbet Plane.  c.1906 Disston D15-22"/12 Pt. Panel Saw. c.1920
Stanley No.120 Block Plane.  c.1876.  Type 1 Stanley No.45 - 3' Wine Gauge Rod.  c.1930 Stanley Everlasting No.55 - 2" square edge butt chisel.  c.1935
Stanley No.80 Steel Case Rabbet Plane.  c.1875.  Type 1 Disston D99-26"/12 Pt. Saw.  c.1876 Stanley No.48 Tongue & Groove Plane.  c.1876, Type 1
Barton 3" Socket Gouge.  c.1900 Stanley No.60 & 60-1/2 Gauges.  c.1874 Atkins Ratchet Brace.  c.1920
Stanley No.78 Duplex Rabbet Plane.  c.1884,  Type 1 Bellamy Gauge.  c.1885 Stanley No.6 Trammels. c.1925
Barton 3-1/2" Bevel Edge Slick.  c.1900 Stratton No.11 - 6" Machinists Level.  c.1900 Stanley No.64 Low Angle Block Plane w/ Serrated Blade. c.1915
Stanley No.137 Millwright's Level. c.1920 Stanley Everlasting No.20 Chisel Set. c.1915 Stanley No.255 Tool Holder. c.1915

Stanley No.180 - 1-1/2" Rabbet Plane. c.1886.  Type 1

Stratton No.1-26" Brass Bound Rosewood Custom Level.  c.1900 Stanley No.813 - 16" Brace. c.1935

Stanley No.112 & 12 Scrapers.  c.1885/1869 Type 1

Yankee No.60 Pocket Screwdriver.  c.1910 Stanley Steel Liberty Bell No.104 Smooth Plane.  c.1876. Type1A
Millers Falls No.209 Smooth Plane.  c.1940 Stanley Everlasting No.40 & 50 Cutaway Chisels

Millers Falls Adjustable Brace. c.1900

Stanley Bailey No.4-1/2 Smooth Plane. c.1884. First Lateral Type Stanley No.38 Level Stand. c,1911. Type 1 Atkins No.400 - 24"/10 Pt. Panel Saw w/Original Atkins tooth guard.  c.1920
Stanley No.12-2" Iron Try Square.  c.1915 Stratton No.10-12" Brass-bound Rosewood Level w/original box.  c.1890 L. Bailey brochure.  c.1881
Stanley No.178 Level Stand.  c.1930 Disston Masterpiece No.D95 - 26"/7 Pt. Saw w/original box.  c.1950 Goodell-Pratt No.248-1/2 Hollow Auger. c.1920


Most of these items are currently on display and for information only and are not at this time offered for sale. However, a few items are available for purchase now and are noted with red borders surrounding the on to link to webpage for more information and price. Items that have been sold are indicated by yellow borders.

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